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Intelligence Operations

The challenge for intelligence analysts is assembling, grading & analyzing vast amounts of data in a wide variety of formats. We assist by providing a suite of tools that enables analysts to organize & analyze disparate data within a common platform.  We assist analysts quickly turn raw data into actionable intelligence.

Investigation Assignments

Complex investigations can result in major datasets that require specialized analysis and interpretation. We assist analysts and investigators assigned to major investigations by providing tools that capture and organize multi-source data, discover the hidden connections in the data and communicate the results.

Commercial Crimes

The challenge for fraud investigators is not a shortage of information but knowing where to target their investigation and how to allocate precious time and resources. We assist fraud investigators by providing a solution that is easy-to-use and delivers the power and flexibility needed for this type of work.

Money Laundering

The inherent complexity of money laundering poses a daunting challenge for investigators and analysts seeking to connect assets to illegal activities. When criminal organizations employ sophisticated money laundering techniques, investigators are often left with a maze of seemingly unrelated data. We assist investigators by enabling them to quickly understand volumes of disparate data, find hidden connections and communicate the results.

Organised Crime

The challenge for investigators is consolidating & analysing volumes of disparate data from a variety of sources. To further complicate matters, organized criminals do not confine themselves to state or national boundaries, meaning investigative teams need the ability to cooperate & share intelligence with others in the law enforcement community. We assist investigators understand a criminal network’s hierarchy, how it operates, identify strategic targets & focus resources.


To win the war on terrorism, it is critical to provide analysts with tools that can quickly discern patterns & meaning from large data sets & enable them to effectively share intelligence with a variety of agencies charged with countering terrorist activities. We enable investigators to capture & organize data from a wide variety of sources, discover hidden connections in disparate data sets & effectively communicate & share intelligence with cooperating agencies.


As a specialist in the field of the best software for analysis & investigation, you can also expect the best training courses from Hidden Links. From product training to customized training and refresher to training on the job.


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